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Monday, March 15, 2010

Swim until you can't see the land

I have discovered that I love prunes. Don't hate.  I put them in the same category as Clementines.  Fruit that doubles as dessert.  Look for them in the raisin aisle. They look like this.  

Your life will never be the same.

I have been quite a gym rat the past few days, and I.Love.It.  However, everything hurts.  And I do mean tonight, I swam laps in the pool and loved every minute of it.  No impact...just the water.  I got in, waist deep and actually sighed, "hmmmm....."  once my feet hit the bottom.  And then I actually started to, that is HARD work!

 My goggles fogged, as almost all goggles usually do (right?).

Life was blurry.

I have always loved water and am a decent swimmer.  When I was little, the stages of development in my family were as follows:

sit up. walk. run. swim.

 It came as second nature to us.  I never remember LEARNING to swim.  I just remember...swimming.  

However, tonight, I couldn't seem to keep my head IN the water.  Any semi-experienced swimmer will tell you that things go much smoother if you just dunk your head every once in a while.

But tonight, I was having a hard time remembering to breathe.  This is true in life as well, I suppose.

I still ache, but I feel good.  Tired.  But the good kind of tired.

Before the gym, we went to look at Guitars.  That's right, with a capital "G."

On the way there, Tim commented on my driving (twice!) and I pouted like a Big Fat Baby.  Then I saw him hold a BreedLove and he made The Face He Always Makes While Playing Acoustics.  He looks so relaxed.  Like he is thinking really hard, but not in a way that is 'work.' Do you know what I mean?  He looks calm.

Then I started wondering if that is the way he will look when he bottle feeds our babies and my heart softened and we did that

"I'm sorry."

"No, I'm sorry."

thing that couples sometimes do and everything was okay again.

I have come to the conclusion that Good Photography is maybe 20% skill, 10% good equipment, and 70% Opportunity.  The Fine Art of Being at the Right Place at the Right Time.

Time will tell.

Love, H. 

1 comment:

carmen @ life blessons said...

Ah love the guitar shopping--and it's a BreedLove! I'll have to tell Michael he rubbed off on Tim!

As far as you and swimming goes...know what I think of? Being in Lake Cumberland and watching you and Heather swim and swim and swim away from us. I hate swimming so I remember thinking, I would never do that 'for fun'!

Love you!