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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lie # 4,692

Sometimes, Satan tells me that in this season- 
everyone else is getting birthday cake, and I am getting broccoli.  

Tim has lost 18 pounds since January...

and wasn't even trying. 

I was walking out of the gym last night and That Calm Distinct Voice reminded me that 

Jesus has to be enough.  

Even if... 

everyone of my friends has chubby, red-headed babies and quits their jobs to stay home. 

everyone else's husbands get promotions. 

everyday, for the rest of my life, broccoli is the only thing on the menu. 

And 1,000 other silly-nonsense things.  

No matter what- the fact that thousands of years ago, a dirty, rebellious carpenter fell hopelessly, unconditionally in love with me and died as part of my rescue- 

That has to be enough. 

And it is.  

Love and I really do like broccoli, 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Music, A Series of Posts Part VII

For the first few weeks of April, I'm posting my "Turning 30 Playlist."

Hip-hip- hooray!

Track # 13
Children's Praise
By: Jolene Kearns
Discovered:  How embarrassing.  I first heard this song on the season finale of Sister Wives when Robin has her baby.  I totally cried.  I am getting old.  I wanted it on my play list because, let's face it, babies are awesome and I just think this song is so very sweet.

Track # 14
Old Joy
By: Noah and The Whale
Discovered:  As self-proclaimed president of The Meg Fee Fan Club, I have her to thank for this one.  Admittedly, there have been times when Jesus, this song, and my sweet, sweet husband are the only things getting me out of bed in the mornings.

I chose this clip because it is a LIVE version, but there isn't any "fan screaming."  Check out the entire song though, if you get a chance.  It's a beauty.

Love and we're getting to the good parts,

Easter 2012

This will forever be remembered as the Easter that no one wanted their photo taken, and everyone's outfits were uncomfortable.

Nonetheless, our hearts and our bellies were full.  We are thankful for God & His son, and the sweet, sweet blessings they bestow upon us.

Love and about 2 weeks too late,

Monday, April 16, 2012


You guys. Today's the day.  

This quote has been rolling around in my head all day.  
Now I'm getting all weepy and sentimental.  Life is good. More details to follow.

30, let's be friends.  

Very Much Love, 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Landlocked Blues

Oh for heaven's sake.  This is the most personal piece of information I have shared on here.


But I do it for...literary purposes?

The Fine Art of Documentation...?

...And the off chance that somebody somewhere is going through The Exact Same Thing and will take great comfort in knowing that Stuff Like This happens to the best of us.

So, I say again, "Oh for heaven's sake."

With that being said (twice), today I refilled my birth control.  For reasons as to why this was Very Sad, you can click here or here.

There was an issue with my prescription so there were about 12 extra hoops to jump through before I could get those magic little no-baby-pills.

jump through+hoops+vintage pics on Sodahead

Because- you know- I needed a little extra salt in that wound.


And I also bought some bright pink lipstick because sometimes a girl just needs a pick me up.

I mean...what do you do?  Seriously.  What do you do when you are abandoning a plan you've had since 2008.

Cause it feels funny.  You know.  

      And right now, I am realizing the irony.  Lipstick and birth control....kind of like buying hot sauce and tums.

Right now,  I am hanging on closely to these lyrics.

We're glad for what we've got
done with what we've lost
our whole lives laid out right in front of us 

     Tim gave me this (burned CD) with the band name "Starlite fire" etched in black sharpie.  After much googling, those guys were nowhere to be found.  It was only until I searched for the lyrics that I realized the band name was actually Straylight Run.

Which I guess is a lesson in "Sometimes, what you are looking for isn't actually what you are looking for."

And where is that Highly Intelligent Cat when I need it?


Love and the lipstick is called Mauve Me.  It's fun.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Music, a series of posts (Part VI)

For the first few weeks of April, I'm sharing my "Turning 30" playlist.


Track #11
We're so Far Away
By: Mae
Discovered: I have Tim to thank for this one!

Apparently, this song is pretty old.  I could only find covers for it or really bad live versions where everyone is screaming.  Chose this one, though because it was recorded at a venue in my hometown.  Hurray (and you might wanna turn your volume down!)

Track #12
We are Only Human After All
By: Michael Logen & Sierra Noble
Discovered: An episode of Parenthood

This video is a little jumpy, but for heaven's sake, the music makes up for it.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Music, a series of posts (Part V)

For the first few weeks of April, I'm sharing my "Turning 30" playlist!

Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV


Track #9
Catch My Disease
By: Ben Lee
Discovered: Circa 2005?  It's just a cute song.  Someone needs to track down that Ben Lee.

As always, the live version.

Track #10
Always in Love
By: Wilco
Discovered:  I'm sure this is the most boring answer ever, but I have Pandora to thank for this one, too.  And possibly my friend, Carmen...have you heard of these guys?

Love & We're 1/2 way there,

Saturday, April 7, 2012


 The funny thing about being married for a while is that you sort of fall into this dynamic.  The unspoken pattern of Family Roles.

For instance, when we are getting groceries, Tim's role is to do all the checking-out.  

Mine is to stand behind him and read all the trashy magazines- cause checking out?  It's really a one-person job anyway.  

Anyway, this is what spring is looking like in our neck of the woods lately.  As you can tell, I spend a lot of time in the car. 

Today, we are painting our living room & dining room.  Something about spring makes me just want to Get Up & Fix Everything.  Hope the feeling lasts.  

It reminds me of the verse in the book of Romans, "Behold, I make all things new."  

And He is.  


Friday, April 6, 2012

Music, a series of posts (Part IV)

For the first few weeks of April, I'm sharing my "Turning 30" playlist.


Track # 7
On My Way
By: Rusted Root
Discovered:  This song comes to us courtesy of the early 90's.  I WANT to say, I heard it when they played it on an episode of New Girl, but in reality, I rediscovered it thanks to an Enterprise Rental Car Commercial.  Bah!  Either way, it is impossible to NOT relax when hearing this song!

Track # 8
The Ladder
By: Andrew Belle
Discovered:  Through the magic of Pandora.  Oh, for heaven's sake.  This video/song just gets me every time.  For some reason it just makes me want to cry.  Tears of joy, maybe?  I just think it's a lovely song.
"It doesn't matter if I can't clear my mind.  There's a right and a wrong time."

And is that a xylophone?

 Good grief. It's lovely.  Just lovely.


Music, a series of post (Part III)

For the first few weeks of April, I'm sharing my "Turning 30 Playlist."  Enjoy!

You can go here and here for parts I & II

Track #5
From me to You
By: Walk off the Earth (cover)
Discovered:  Tim gets all the credit for discovering these talented musicians.  We first saw their video "5 people, one guitar" and instantly fell in love.  You should "like" them on Facebook- all kinds of fun videos and updates.  Talented people who are passionate about making good music.  It doesn't get any better (or more fun) than that!

Here is "5 people, one guitar."

And "From me to You"

I feel like every time I watch this video, I see something new- like "Beard Guy" playing the piano with his foot!

Track #6
The Disco Song
By:Au Revoir Simone
Discovered:  Through the magic of Pandora!



Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Music, a series of posts (Part II)

Track #3
Time to Pretend
Discovered: Through the Magic of Pandora
Fun Fact:  I downloaded the Live version because a.) I love live music and b.) the original video is just too trippy for words.  Seriously strange.  In the beginning of [this] video, these guys sound seriously strung out, but once they start playing, there's no arguing- underneath the wild hair and speculated drug use, there's some serious talent.  These are the kinds of guys you date when you are 17 and want to make your parents mad.

I suggest listening at 1:45

Track #4
By: Regina Spektor
Discovered:  Through the magic of Pandora
Fun Fact:  We could all use a little more Regina in our lives.



Monday, April 2, 2012

New Music, a series of posts (Part I)

A little while ago, I mentioned my "Turning 30 Playlist."  I'm trying very hard to redeem this birthday (if you know what I mean?)  and adding some new music's done the trick.

I am so unbelievably excited to share this playlist.

I'll be doing 2 a day for the next several days.  I hope you find something you like.

Track #1
Already Yours
By: Bahamas
Discovered:  During an episode of "Parenthood."  Great music on that show, I tell ya'.  

Track #2
Let Me Go
By: Cake
Discovered: I fell in love with Cake thanks to my college room mate Betsy The Magnificent
Fun Fact:  If I ever have a daughter, this is going to be one of her (many) songs.

What are you listening to lately?  Share the wealth.