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Friday, February 25, 2011

Some tips for Bloggers Part 1

Rule Number One

Don't promise your readers a post-a-day, get really really busy and then catch a cold.  When you fail to post, it makes you look like, as they would say in your neck of the woods, a liar, liar, pants on fire.  

Rule Number Two

Don't leave your sandwich in someone else's reach.  

Seven posts this week?  Ha.  

My apologies.  

Want some things to look forward to?  A post about Why I Love My Coffeemaker and a new Ode to Such & Such all in the works.  

Love and this week was a weird week, 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

     Eee Gads!  My computer was misbehaving last night (ok, NOT my computer...just the internet connection), so I owe you a blog post somewhere down the line since I promised a post a day.  I tell you what, I am running nonstop this week.  Does anyone else feel that way lately? Please say it isn't just me. 

In other, perhaps more cheerful news, Scarlett decided to celebrate President's Day with a nice, long roll in the mud...followed by a nice, long roll in the tub.  

 What are YOU celebrating this week?  

Love and I always get lotion for Christmas (as you can tell in the background), 

Monday, February 21, 2011

There is so much fun to be had.

     If you're anything like me, you haven't really had the time to do much trolling around Urban Outfitters, lately.  Here are a few treasures I stumbled upon.  

You're welcome.  

Hippo toothbrush holder

A Guitar-shaped spatula! 
 Polaroid Notecards
 A personal library kit
Birds on a wire photo clips 
Mustache bandages

Tomorrow, I will tell you how Scarlett celebrated President's Day.  You won't wanna miss it!

Love and my dogs are kind of a big deal, 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Daydream Believer

     Today, I am totally daydreaming about wearing these lil' gems from Old Navy, getting Starbucks, and running into my sister and her family at Lowe's while we are all plant-shopping.  It happens every spring and I love it.  

Love and hoping this weather is here to stay, 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday, Saturday!

     Today is a day I am choosing to celebrate.  Between starting my own business, commitments at church, keeping my head above water at work, and actually trying to, you know, spend time with my family- I have been away from this blog for far too long!  

    So, this week, my goal is to post everyday.  There's going to be fireworks, a marching band, and we'll use $100 bills as confetti! 

Ok.  Maybe I'm getting a little carried away. 

But seriously.  Let's celebrate.  

Today, I'm super-excited about the following:  

1.  My mom's birthday is today!  Happy birthday, Mommy! ILU! 

2.  I got a job tutoring for Sylvan Learning Center.  It's temporary (a nearby school has grant money to fund tutoring until our state testing is over this spring), but the pay is good and the kids seem sweet, and we're tossing all that extra cash into savings. 

3.  The weather here is amazing.  Simply amazing.  Picture me yelling "Amazing" like Oprah announces her guests.  (source unknown)

4.  Tonight, I am attending a "Girl's Night" at my friend's NEW PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO!  She and I have been friends since we were born (literally), and I'm so proud of her.  Here's the catch...tonight's specialty is Boudoir Photography.  Holy Smokes.  I'm taking a black little number, a tall pair of heels, and an armload of courage.  I'm actually pretty excited.  

     What are you celebrating?  Oh yea, and after a recent post in the forums about lurkers/commenters, I want to encourage you to comment and/or follow if you are a regular reader!  It's so fun, I promise.  And if you become a new follower, I'll be sure to shoot some of that confetti your way.  

Love and having half-naked pictures taken tonight,*

*People are going to be mighty disappointed when they Google "half-naked pictures," and a blog by a teacher from The Midwest shows up as one of the results.  Oh well, they can have some confetti too, anyway.  

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Have Good News.

     Wherever you are today, know that you are loved.  It may not be in a way that you expect or the way in which St. Valentine may have promoted, but I know this to be true. 

You are loved.  

Happy Valentine's Day.  

     I couldn't find a  picture of Jesus to further get my 'you are loved' point across that wasn't incredibly cheesy or creepy so instead, here's a picture of Scarlett sleeping on my rump, if that helps.  
     Tim and I are up to no good, per usual.  We laid around all day on Saturday as part of our own "Budget Friendly" Valentine's Day Date.  More laziness to ensue.  

Love and desperately trying not to gush about my husband, 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

You guys. Last week, I

You guys. 

 Last week, I totally spray painted my shoes.  

 I had these old heels in my closet, and they were looking sort of boring.  500 coats of Saddle Bag and two spools of ribbon later, and here we are!  Juries still out on the ribbon choices, along with the tights.  Sorry the photos are a bit dark.  The sun goes down around 3pm here.  (Just kidding)  

Here's a before and after shot along with a list of Things That Worked and Things I Would Have Done Differently.   

My suggestions

Obviously, pick a shoe you're not emotionally attached to (that's hard, right?)  If you choose a shoe that's just...a shoe- then you've got nothing to lose if it turns out ugly. 

Take your time.  My paint got a little thick in some places because I kept covering and covering and covering.  When in doubt, wait.  Always wait. 

Use primer if you are going from a dark color to a much lighter one.  I realize this should have been common sense.  However, I read online that the primer shows through if the paint chips so I opted out.  While I haven't worn my shoes out much, I now think a coat or two of primer would have been a real time saver. 

Have fun with the color.  I've been wanting a nude-ish colored pair of heels for a long time, now, but I think next, I'm going to try to choose a more "fun" color.  Plum or dark teal, maybe?  For $4.99 a can, you can't go wrong, right?  

Know your material.  I chose leather, and I was wary at first, but I think it all worked out in the end.  Read the labels on your paint and make sure it will take to your shoe's surface. 

Choose indoor/outdoor spray paint.  You know, just for good measure.  ( I used Krylon)  

Be brave, and spray away. I was terrified, but I lived.

Honestly, you can't tell from the photos, but the paint is still a little thin in some places.  I'm not 100% satisfied yet, but you can't do too much with paint in 12 degree weather (literally)!  Brrrr.....

I'm sure another coat of paint and a warm afternoon will do wonders!

     What have you "made over" lately?  Are you sneaking glances at anything in particular?  An old lamp or a piece of furniture, perhaps?  I say go for it!  Personally, I will spray paint anything that's not nailed down (dogs, beware)!

Shoot first, ask questions later, right?

Love and a well-ventilated area,

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An update, of sorts.  I will tell you that last Sunday, we had communion, and grape juice with an oyster cracker has never tasted so good. *

Love and 90 minutes a week of physical activity, 

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

You're not the boss of me

What have I been up to lately?  Oh you know, not much.  Went to the gym....took a nap...started my own business.  

Ha.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm actually pretty excited.  It's still a big-time work in progress, but I hope it goes over well...especially in the summer when I've got a lot more free time.

Aisle by Aisle

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Love and random new business ventures,