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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Thousand Square Feet

I'm not sure our kids will ever remember this house.  Truth be told, probably not.  Let's cut to the chase.  This is what I will say about The House in Which we Lived Before They Existed.    

     I will tell them that the bathroom was so small, you practically had to stand in the tub to get the door shut and there were days when I very well may have given my next paycheck for a linen closet or a garage or a basement should the opportunity present itself.  I will tell them that Noel's medicated shampoo made the entire bathroom smell like spearmint gum, and the scent of fresh breath will always remind me of her.

     I will tell them that our dishwasher had wheels and our neighbors grew weed in their greenhouse and we had numerous things stolen throughout our time there.

     And I will tell them that we loved each other very much in that tiny-red-front-door house and that we were crowded at times but the lack of overhead lighting made it easy to create a cozy, soft glow (oh yes, please seed lights).

I will tell them that the thing I remember most about that house is that when we lived there, 
we were happy.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

And then I planted seeds

     Last summer, (that feels weird to say.  How is it almost November already)?  I bought one of those dollar boxes of wildflower seeds.

Nothing really happened.

I think, if our yard/garden was full of cartoon plants, they would let out a collective "Noooooo!" as soon as they see the school buses coming.

You see, every April, I'm all....



And then school starts.  I get busy, and everything dies.

That's the short story.  Actually, that's the entire story.

With that being said, eventually- something grew in our wildflower patch.  It was weed-like for the entire season, but I refused to believe it.

It had to be something more.

And lo & behold...

it was.

And so it must be said,

I am thankful for our house and our yard and our blessings.

May they all run wild & free.  

Love and what the heck' are those?

Seriously.  If you know- let me know cause I'd love to plant them again.  My best guess is prairie rose....?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

And then the months passed

Circa August 2012

     And so it must be noted, there were days when I ached for things (which will not be mentioned here) so badly I could feel it in my teeth.

In the mornings, I try Very Hard to listen to The Voice of God. Pressing my cup to the door of heaven.

     After I've showered and dressed and my hair is dry, I get back in bed with Tim and I pray. Because that is what Holly's are good at- the getting back in bed. The prayers are for him.  For our dogs.  For our marriage and his business and for Lucy.  I practice gratitude.  I muster the courage to (for the love of Pete) get back out of bed.

During the day, I pray as people and situations pop into my head.

And at night, I repent.  I reflect on my day.  I pray for peace.

     And sometimes, if the mood strikes, I thank Him for not having those unmentioned things above.  I thank Him for the waiting.  For the no's-when-I-don't-understand-the-reasons.

This too shall pass

or so I've heard.