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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday, Saturday!

     Today is a day I am choosing to celebrate.  Between starting my own business, commitments at church, keeping my head above water at work, and actually trying to, you know, spend time with my family- I have been away from this blog for far too long!  

    So, this week, my goal is to post everyday.  There's going to be fireworks, a marching band, and we'll use $100 bills as confetti! 

Ok.  Maybe I'm getting a little carried away. 

But seriously.  Let's celebrate.  

Today, I'm super-excited about the following:  

1.  My mom's birthday is today!  Happy birthday, Mommy! ILU! 

2.  I got a job tutoring for Sylvan Learning Center.  It's temporary (a nearby school has grant money to fund tutoring until our state testing is over this spring), but the pay is good and the kids seem sweet, and we're tossing all that extra cash into savings. 

3.  The weather here is amazing.  Simply amazing.  Picture me yelling "Amazing" like Oprah announces her guests.  (source unknown)

4.  Tonight, I am attending a "Girl's Night" at my friend's NEW PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO!  She and I have been friends since we were born (literally), and I'm so proud of her.  Here's the catch...tonight's specialty is Boudoir Photography.  Holy Smokes.  I'm taking a black little number, a tall pair of heels, and an armload of courage.  I'm actually pretty excited.  

     What are you celebrating?  Oh yea, and after a recent post in the forums about lurkers/commenters, I want to encourage you to comment and/or follow if you are a regular reader!  It's so fun, I promise.  And if you become a new follower, I'll be sure to shoot some of that confetti your way.  

Love and having half-naked pictures taken tonight,*

*People are going to be mighty disappointed when they Google "half-naked pictures," and a blog by a teacher from The Midwest shows up as one of the results.  Oh well, they can have some confetti too, anyway.  


Becky said...

Hellllllo!! I just happened upon your blog from Today's Creative Blog, and I LOVE it!! :)

I love your positive energy and your open and willingness to share excitement, joy, and real things!

I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!

carmen @ lifeblessons said...

Ah! Fun! Let us know how the photo shoot goes. That sounds a fun way to kick off the week! Congrats with the new tutoring job, too!

foreverfaithphotography said...

Oh my goodness...I had soooo much fun with you. I've never laughed so much during a photoshoot. Your expressions were priceless!!!

Holly said...

Becky- Thank you sooo much for stopping by! You are too sweet. I hope you come back for more! :)

Carmen and Faith- the shoot was SO FUN! It has been my "happy thought" all weekend. Carmen- if you and Michael are in town and looking to have some photos done, you should get a hold of Faith. I'm pretty sure she photographs people with clothes on. ;) All joking aside, I had an amazing time and can't wait to see the photos!