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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Much Love from Yours Truly

I discovered Much Love Monday after reading Our City Lights

All you need is a Monday, and a heart-shaped object.  It's easier than you think. :)  

I (love) that these two objects are heart-shaped and involve so many people I (love). 

     I created the first one when I was having dinner with some of my best pals in the world (who are featured here).  It was All You Can Eat Wing Night.  I had grilled chicken and broccoli thank you very much (along with everyone's leftovers).  James topped the list at 30-something.  We.were.there.for.three.hours! 
      The second is a potato chip My (Love) found and set on the coffee table for me.  And then Scarlett proceeded to try to eat it.  It's still on the table which is probably kind of gross.  I do NOT (love) 3 day old potato chips.  
Love and more love,

*I will link-up to Much Love Monday on....Monday.  I am limiting my time on the internet for Lent (it's a long story) so I have to strike while the iron's hot!  Bah. Ha.


Kate Weber said...

That is so cute! I would feel a little awkward about having a potato chip on my coffee table for three days, but I think it would also make me smile and I wouldn't want to throw it away.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this sweet post. Hope to see you again for next weeks Much Love Monday.