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Monday, April 11, 2011

Take away my mourning, give me music.

     Eee Gads.  We've been gone.   Tim and I traveled to D.C. last week to visit my Aunt & Uncle and do some touristy things.  Tim had never been there, and that is one of my FAVORITE cities.  

We had to go.  We did.  

     I wish I could tell you when I'm going to be gone.  However, posting our travel dates on the interwebz makes me nervous that someone is going to bust in and steal my record player.  

Hands off, I say! Hands off!  (((shouted at The Bad Guys, not you, Sweet Readers)))  

     Anyway, last week, I tried to convince you that crummy things will happen, but the world is still beautiful & interesting.  I feel like that has been my mantra these days (mantra?).  I want to shout it from the rooftops, and I can't be sure why. 

Perhaps because I'm still trying to convince myself of that these days.  

When we were touring The American History Museum, I started Thinking.  That's right.  Thinking.  

     When my grandpa one of my favorite people on this planet passed away, I scrounged around in his desk (with permission of course) and made color copies of some of his letters and trinkets.  You might remember this shadow box I made of all my treasures. 

I passed by it on my way out the other day, and I re read the letter he wrote to my grandma on Easter in 1945.  

"War news looks good now.  Just keep praying and all will be well, honey."

In 1945, Easter fell on April 1st, and on April 29th, Germany surrendered in Italy.  

The war was ending.  

He was coming home.

The world is still beautiful and interesting. 

Love you/miss you,

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Anonymous said...

I miss them too...I'm glad to know they are still remembered with love and affection.
Aunt Janet