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Monday, May 2, 2011

Drafts Part One

     Tonight, I was scrolling through some of my old blogger drafts, and I found a post about why I'm thankful for socks and also one entitled "There is not a zombie in your bathroom."  

Can you imagine?  These posts that never saw the light of day, or in this case, your screen? 


You're welcome.  

All joking aside, I've got a-thousand-and-six papers to grade.  

Up next, a post about what in the world I've been doing with all my no-time-for-blogging-time and a piece about The Special-est Day Ever. 

Oh yea, and we both had birthdays and went on a road trip.  And I planted a garden.  

I think you're all caught up.   

All that, and my husband discovered Rebecca Black's song, Friday.  In Chinese, no less.  I'm not going to put a link up because it's just too terrible.  

He keeps going, "Shing-shing-ay!" 

And it's raining here.  A lot.  Like,  things are under water that I have never seen underwater.  You know, roads and stuff. 

File this under: Things that should have stayed Drafts.*

If this were a piece of artwork, I would call it Dogs Plus Thunder Equals Sad Face
Love and random Asian lyrics in my head, 

*Or, I cannot believe I actually hit "Publish."  


Anonymous said...

this one was my fravritest!!

carmen @ life blessons said...

i planted a garden the other week, too!

rebecca said...

hilarious. i have some weird drafts as well that thankfully didn't get published. and what a cute pup!