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Monday, February 13, 2012 Featured Blogger

     I'm super excited to be's Featured Blogger on their LIFE homepage.  Joining up with the Blogher Team has been a really awesome experience.  If you've dropped in via* Blogher, then I'd like to offer you a Merry Welcome!

With that being said, let's get this party started.

Sometimes, I see things online and I just whisper in my head, "Dear God. Thank you for the internet."

Please see below.

This last one had me cracking up because about 2 posts ago, I expressed my extreme pleasure after our weekend plans fell through.  What can I say? Sometimes a gal just needs a plan-free weekend.

What makes you thankful for the internet?  Babies wearing fake mustaches?  Cat videos on youtube? Do share!

The above photos came from  I"m not going to link it because....
you will.
you will on that site.

Love and I'm really sorry but also not that sorry
you're welcome,

*how do you say it?  "via" with an "ee" sounding like "see ya" or "via" as in "try ya"?  I say it "vee-ya" That's just the phonics nerd in me.

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