Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh, the Leaning

     And now this is the part of the year when the dishes pile sky high and there are funny things in random places like a bottle of witch hazel on the coffee table and let's-not-even-talk-about-it and the list probably goes on and on.  And we sigh and we say, "I will get to it this summer..."  Which is (ahem) 7 school days away, thank you very much.

     A while ago, that wily brunette posted a video by a woman named Brene' Brown and I watched it and felt as if a window had opened.

About 3 minutes into it, she says that when life gets uncomfortable, you are supposed to lean into it. 

You are supposed to lean into the discomfort.

And I realize that my house and this mess are my idols.  I realize that.  I am trying Very Hard to reconcile and repent for that and for heaven's sake make it just a little bit better.

This summer. Maybe.

With that being said, our piano is covered in laundry.

This is me leaning.

Love, H. 

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