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Sunday, November 25, 2012

This December, I would like to:

Cook something super-easy for dinner and spend a good portion of our evening watching a movie and decorating the tree (real quick-like)!

Stop at Mariemont Starbucks and take the long-cut through our new favorite 'hood (shout out to Terrace Park)- looking at Christmas lights and collecting "new house" ideas!  A new-someday-house, I tell you!

Take a carriage ride downtown (and spend the entire time kissing in the back).

Ice skating falling flat on our faces in the middle of Fountain Square!

For the love of Pete, someone take this girl to the aquarium already.

Sushi & Wreck-it Ralph.  Best combination, ever?  Maybe.

What's your December looking like?

Love and this horrible photo features last year's tree,

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