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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Around and Around

     Tonight, I took “us” on a date (meaning me and the dogs). Tim has been absolutely slammed with work and I feel pretty sad/conflicted about that. It is great for business. Bad for “us.” He is currently at a meeting at church, and when he gets home, I'll probably squeeze him pretty hard, but I'm sure you already knew that.

I feel like the next few paragraphs read like a fourth grade essay, you know...

“What I Did Over the Weekend...” By: Holly Young

But. Just stick with me, I guess. I mean. You've already gotten this far. ;)

     So. I decided we were going to Starbucks and The Dog Park even though I really wanted to stay home and feel sad for no real reason at all. Which sounds weird, I know. Sheesh. Women. Am I right?

     The dog park is my favorite place. It was our first visit of the season, and it just feels so good to be back.

     When we got home, I decided to take my bike out. I really, really love riding my bike. Our neighborhood is good for bike riding, but it's not a “through” street, so it's pretty tiny.

     At the entrance/exit of our neighborhood, there's another street that pretty much connects two busy “highways.” They're not really highways.  "State Routes," maybe? Am I a civil engineer? I don't know the correct terminology for these things.

But. It's busy. I tell ya.'

     I never venture out there on my bike because I'm terrified of getting hit. It's a pretty narrow road, and people are in a hurry because...America.

      As someone who has “been there/done that” before, I feel like that fear is justified. You know. Rational. It doesn't keep me from doing any day-to-day activities, but my brain, as an act of self-preservation, is always like, “Hey. Let's not go there.” 

I 100% support NOT getting hit by cars while riding bikes.

     But. Tonight. Guys. I found a short cut. A glorious- non-busy-non-street short cut over one crosswalk and a few “back” parking lots. They're all connected! Connected, I tell you! There's even a little “flashy” caution sign at the crosswalk because it connects buildings associated with a church/school. It is a formerly-hit-by-a-car-now-trying-to-take-courage-bike-rider's dream come true!

     After almost six years, I've now opened up an entirely new neighborhood! And the street names! Oh, the adorably quiet street names! “Pinewood Trail” and “Chestnut Court!*” I think I only saw four cars the entire time I was out.

So. There you have it. People say when you are afraid, “The only way out is 'through.'”

But. I don't know.

Maybe sometimes, the only way out is “around.”


     *Hi. These are not the real street names near our house, but you get the idea...because...let's be honest. You could be an ax murderer. I like you. Really. I do. But...nobody looks at a person and says, “Hey. That person could be an ax murderer. Let's not give them our address via the internet.” Am I right? I like you. I just don't want to make it any easier for people to make themselves a coat out of my skin. 

I feel like I just took that too far. But. I'm keeping it anyway.    

Love & if toe cleavage is wrong, I don't want to be right, 

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