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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Where are The Girls? (non-urgent reflections on dog ownership)

Here's a disclaimer for you. Happy Saturday. ;) 

     We often call our dogs "The Girls."  I added the phrase "non-urgent" because I didn't want you to think they were missing.  Is there someone out there I can hire to write my post titles for me?  Is that job a real thing?  Ha. 

     I assure you...they're right here on the couch as we speak.  They are awake for about 15 minutes before they are scheduled to take their first nap of the day, and they wouldn't miss the opportunity to nap for the world.  Ha. 

     Last weekend, Tim was out of town, so I spent the night at my parents' house.  Noel spent most of the car ride in my lap with the window down.  We loved it. 

     She know... had her head out the window.  No big deal. I was driving the sun was setting behind me  and sky was doing that thing where it's all dusk on the dashboard and orange in the mirror. I kept watching Noel in the mirror. Eyes closed.  Ears flapping. Nose up.  I didn't get a picture because of all the driving, but trust me... it was gorgeous, and I want to remember Noel that way forever. 

     You know, you hear stories about older people who lose track of time and start asking questions about things that happened a long time ago. 

     I hope I have such strong memories of these dogs that when I'm 95, I'm still asking, "Where are The Girls?"  

If that makes any sense at all. 

Love and two mighty fine dogs, 

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