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Monday, June 14, 2010

Les Papillons

     Last Wednesday, Tim and I went to The Butterfly Show at Krohn Conservatory.  It was lovely.  We then had a spontaneous adventure which led us to Andy's Mediterranean Grille in Walnut Hills.  We love living here and vowed to discover more and more of this great city as soon as (and as much as) humanly possible.  

     Because I secretly fear that Bad Guys are going to break into my house while we are gone (with no adorable dogs wild beasts to protect it), I am going to spare you the details about our upcoming adventure which will keep us from our house for several consecutive days....but I will tell you that someday, we are leaving.  I am getting anxious and I'm not sure why.  Not so much anxious as...eager?  The next few weeks will bring about a lot of (temporary) change, and change is stressful- even the good kind of change.  

There is lots and lots to do.  All in due time.  

La vie est belle.  

Love and better-French-next time, 

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carmen @ life blessons said...

Ah I miss the Krohn Conservatory! The butterfly show is always so pretty. Glad you guys went!!