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Friday, June 11, 2010

Rockstars and TIGERS and ants, oh my!


     I found this picture (take in January), and it made me laugh.  Even though I have the summer off, I don't have a lot of time to write just as of yet.  I am surprised by how BUSY these first few "free" days seem to be...but I like it.  I love the time off, but I NEED structure.  I am like one of those tiny, well-organized ants.  I need a schedule to keep me from constantly living like a rockstar....3am bedtimes and horrible eating habits...sleeping until noon and spending my days, holed up inside with the curtains blocking out the gorgeous sunlight, eating gummy worms for breakfast.

     I'm being serious.  It sounds fantastic, but trust me, after 10 weeks, it gets old and my body pays the price.  So, it has taken me 6 years or so, but I have finally learned that I need consider gathering all the pieces that are scattered before me and try to rearrange them into some kind of schedule. I like spontaneity. I do.  But I need my anchors:  The Gym. Lunch. Cleaning. Writing. Etc.  

 My friend James put it best, "I never know what to do with my free days. So, normally, I do nothing, and then wish i'd done everything."


Wish me luck.

My best to you.  Love, H.

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