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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tender Mercies or, "It's called Propane, Bobby..."

     I sort of feel like we are graduating- like we really aren't "newlyweds" anymore.  That thought used to make me a little sad, but now- I am reveling in the fact that Tim and I have, to a certain extent, caught our stride.  During the first year of our marriage, I had a really, really difficult group of kiddos.  One with cancer, one with vision loss and a rare, terminal illness, two with developmental issues, the list goes on. Did I also mention that I was in the middle of earning my Master's degree?  


It was a tough year.  Tim was working a lot.  We had each just lost a grandparent.  We were merely surviving. 

     The second year, I think- was the hardest. Perhaps, it was the hardest because we finally had time. He had time to think about how annoying it is when I load the dishwasher as if a tiny grenade has gone off inside it.  
     I had time to overanalyze and pout over absolutely everything that came out of his mouth.  Yes, for six months or so, I became THAT wife.  Yikes.  

We usually called that "being cats & dogs" because that was the way we were "fighting."  

But now?  

Well, now that we are rounding the corner on year three, I think we have both managed to sync up.  When he's a cat, I'm a cat.  When I'm a dog, he's a dog.  

Thank you, Jesus.  (and I mean that with all sincerity).  

With that being said, maybe when you "graduate" out of newlywedishness,*  mastering the wood stove is yet another benefit.  

     In case you were wondering, the majority of our credit card debt stems from the fact that our house is was heated with propane, and in case you were also wondering, propane must come from five carat diamonds or the bones of exotic, endangered animals because  

We were not prepared to spend that kind of money on something so stinky and expensive. 

     So, for a while, we tried heating our entire house with space heaters and a wood stove.  The house would sink to the low fifties while we were gone during the day.  It would take hours to creep into the low sixties at night.  

I did not know how cold we were keeping it until I saw how many "Photobooth" pictures were of me wearing my coat.  

Ha.  See?  

Oh, the life of an impoverished and (somewhat naive) newlywed.  

I used to hate our wood stove.  I think I even have that fact listed somewhere in my profile on an obscure, social networking site.  

But this year?  The wood stove has decided to play nice.  I think it has to do with the fact that we've had an outpouring of fire wood these days.  It seems as if, for a while, people were constantly coming up to Tim and asking if he could come get a fallen tree out of their yard or pick up a few miscellaneous logs...a family friend, a cousin, a choir member at church.  

So, now we have wood.  Lots and lots of dry, seasoned wood (and a few more baseboard heaters to boot).  

I think in mormon culture, they call those kinds of things "Tender Mercies."  Times when God just totally throws you a bone.  

What can I say?  I've said it once...ok a lot, and I will say it again.  

The Lord provides.  

So, if you have a wood stove or something else in your life that is being particularly dastardly, hang in there.  

You'll get the best of it in the end. 

See- here's living proof.  This is a picture of me NOT wearing my coat in the living room.  The current temperature is 70 degrees, and if the stove wasn't so incredibly hot right now, I'd hug it...and kiss it on the cheek.  

Look mom, no coat! 

Love and NOT being able to see my breath in the living room, 

This was wayyy longer than what I had intended.  Thank you for reading 9 paragraphs about my wood stove.  

Seriously.  Thank you.  

*Oh yea, and newlywedishness is not a word.  Don't really try to use it.  


Chunky Knubby Navel said...

Haha, I'm glad you don't need your coat! I've been married almost a year and a half now, but we're at the so busy that we never see each other stage. Unfortunately, it might stay like that for another few years =/


carmen @ life blessons said...

Haha, I love this Holly and am SO jealous to see that you're living in a 70-degree home! Jealous in a I-can't-wait-till-I-can-say-the-same-thing-too. Our heater in our apt doesn't work and so we bundle, too. But since we live down South, I know it could for sure be worse. Yay for year 3 and lotsa wood!

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed this post! I found you from Life Blessons, which I found the the blog hop at Children of the Most High.
Stay warm and wrapped in God's love.
Many blessings,

Hannah Sullivan said...


You have darling dogs! I cant wait to follow your blog!!! And Hopefully next year is stress free for you and your husband!