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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sushi for You...shi

     One of the funnest things about being married is falling in love with something only to find out that your spouse also loves it!

Enter: Sushi!

      Over time, I've discovered a small circle of pals who also love it. However, I'm fully aware that part of the appeal has to do with Dancing Wasabi, our favorite Sushi place.  On the outskirts of the city, there is a teeny, tiny neighborhood called Mt. Lookout that seems as if someone took a sprawling town square and squished it like play-doh.  The traffic is horrible.  The buildings are super close together.

And we happen to love it.

     Dancing Wasabi is in the heart of this little nook- of- a- neighborhood.  They feature 1/2 price sushi on a regular basis along with some good tunes and an inch and 1/2 of elbow room.  Whenever I'm there, I always swoon over the couples sitting at the little sushi bar looking very trendy and urban.  It just looks like fun. Right?

The other night, 5 o'clock hit, and we had no plans.

I raised my hands like an evil genius who has harnessed triple molecular energy (or something like that) and proclaimed, "Tonight, we will have 1/2 price Sushi!"  

Ok. It was more a suggestion than a proclamation, but I think you know what I mean.

You guys.  It was an absolutely perfect evening.  We had no trouble parking.  Traffic was light, and the weather was gorgeous.  We hit the door, and a small man with a mustache waved his hand and said, "You can sit at the can sit at the bar."

I tried to play it so super, "Sure, yea...I guess we'll sit at the bar..."  Like I'm so inconvenienced by the mere thought of sitting at the bar with its...its...interesting things to look at and its coziness and good proximity to the bathroom.  How dare they suggest we sit at the bar?

 I was overjoyed.  Overjoyed, I tell ya.'

So, we sat at the bar and had fried rice and way too many Philly rolls*.  I didn't take too many pictures.  I know some places are weird about restaurant pics.  Like, BLATANT restaurant pics. and I didn't want to upset my new best friends at Dancing Wasabi.

Here's a few I did manage.

 You can kiss a sheet of paper and hang it in the frame.  How cute is that?
      I don't know what it was about that night.  Other than sitting at the bar***, and finding good parking in Mt. Lookout, of all places, nothing overly-spectacular happened.  However, it was one of the best dates we've had in a long time, and we do have some good dates.  :)

Love and some ginger on the side,

*Did you know that some sushi is COOKED?  Overall, we prefer the cooked stuff.  We watched an episode of Monsters Inside Me that changed our lives and our stomachs forever.  Next time you're feeling brave, you should try it!  Here's a link to an article you might find helpful!  California Rolls & anything "tempura" (or deep fried) are among our favorites!

**I'm sure my 3rd Generation Nazarene parents would be horrified to know I celebrated "sitting at the bar," so I feel a need to tell you that it was a bar that specialized in SUSHI.  I did not imbibe.  Plus, I just wanted to use the word "imbibe."

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