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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blessed Trinity or something like that.

      I have had a few thoughts sticking with me lately.  The other day, I read an email from Focus on the Family.  I have no idea how I got on their mailing list, but I heart James Dobson, so I'm good either way.  

In this newsletter, it said, in short- 

Accept Reality.  

And I just really loved that.  The other day, I was driving home from work wondering, "How is it that I have been 'out' of school for 8 days, and I'm STILL driving all the way to Georgetown?"  

Out of nowhere, I just started breathing deeply, and repeating my own combination of God, Dr. Phil & Oprah.  

I accept reality....

The Lord is working in my favor....

I will live in the present...

I am at peace...

I think it was the equivalent of my "Lord, I've gone crazy."  prayer.  

But you know what?  It worked.  I felt, significantly better.  

I have accepted reality. 

The Lord is working in my favor.  

I am living in the present

and I do have peace.  

You should try it next time you are feeling extra distressed. It worked like a charm.  

Love and this is so going to be our kid someday, 

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Kelly said...

good for you accepting reality is so hard sometimes. i constantly have to talk myself through things.

Sarah B. said...

What a great perspective! And I love that snapshot :)

(Popping over from the wiegands!)

Jami said...

Thank you for that...I needed it ;)