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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A million ways to be kind

I have mentioned Meg Fee probably about a million and one times.  President of the Meg Fee fan club.  Yes.  Yes. A thousand times yes.  I don't know how I found her blog, but Her Story is a Long Story.

Then again, who's isn't?

Here is a tiny glimpse of what she's written about health, food, and body image lately.

     i also worked out that sometimes going to the gym just isn't in the cards. and so i get a massage instead. because there are a million different ways we can be kind to our bodies. and because when i'm ready i do return. and the pulsing and the squats and the pain of it all--well, my body likes it, even if i don't.

I think what hurts us- what really hurts us is the inability to forgive ourselves.

I skipped the gym.  I ate that donut.

So then we are horrible to ourselves.  At least I am.  There is this now-or-never mentality.

I ate a donut during Sunday School Hour and now my whole day life is ruined.


What I love about Meg's post is that she is honest and she is brave and she is kind.

And her kindness makes me want to show kindness.  To myself.  To others.

You must read it.  You must.  


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Madeline said...

thank you so much for your comment!! Meg seriously is amazing. I love her blog, so I think we could be friends too :) I'm so excited to be a teacher! Hard work that definitely pays off!