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Friday, October 21, 2011

My husband lost his job, and the beat goes on.

Good News:  If the above title has you scratching your head, you might want to go here before you read the rest.

You're welcome.

Lots of you have asked, off and on, about Tim's job search. It's sweet. Really.

      For a long time, we have felt that Tim was eventually "supposed to" get to the point (career-wise) where he would be able to make his own hours.  This would give him the flexibility to spend time with the kids we don't have (haha) and expand his role with college/career ministry in the church.  It was something that was important to us, but not something we anticipated happening in the near future.

And then Tim got laid off.

I have honestly been putting off writing this post for a long time.  Sometimes it takes a lot of effort, you know, to get it all down.

And then I read Steve Jobs' Stanford Commencement Speech, and it was fascinating.  In short, he gives details about how dropping out of college and getting fired from Apple helped him in the long run.  How x couldn't have happened without y...and so on.

And it reminded me of us.

So. Here we are.  Where is "here" exactly? Our plan?  Oh. Is there a plan?

     For now, Tim has been painting houses and staining decks, and it's been pretty lucrative.  He has a few other church-related things on his schedule, and then the next step involves substitute teaching and selling life insurance (which involves "leads." I promise we won't ask you to buy life insurance. Ha)... among the other fantastic business ventures he has rolling around in his head.

And we are at peace.

This plan?  It's working.  God is helping us to connect the dots.

Our prayers have consistently been centered around Tim finishing school and paying off our credit card debt.  We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of our credit card debt.

Friends. We're close.  We're very close.

And finishing school?  The picture speaks for itself.
     Just this week, a friend and member of our college/career sunday school class was having car trouble, and Tim was able to spend the day helping him get parts and fixing the problem (cause he's so awesome and handy like that)

....not something he would have been able to do had he been working a regular 9-5.  Further proof that flexibility in his work schedule is important for his specific ministry.

     Our most recent prayer has been for firewood.  You guys. Our house is heated with propane and DANG propane is expensive (hence the majority of the credit card debt), and firewood helps us save money like you wouldn't believe.

Yesterday, Tim put a painting bid for a historic property not too far from our house.

What was lying in the front yard...?

Oh...nothing know...just...

 tons and tons of seasoned wood.

Tim recently got a phone call from the homeowner - he got the paint job  AND the wood is ours for the taking.

Life is weird sometimes, but the beat goes on.

Love and anyone got a wood splitter?

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