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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The other day, I realized that I love this season because the flowers from the summer and the autumn foliage are starting to overlap.  We haven't had much frost yet so our front porch is an eye-catching mix of pansies, impatients, gourds, and tiny pumpkins.  Not to mention all those maple leaves.  

I wanted a totally different color for some of my fall things.  This year, I went with purple.  Hooray!  (Yes, I just hooray-ed purple.  Ha.)

     My parents have had a tiny red shed that looked like a miniature henhouse/barn.  Man, I loved taking pictures in front of that thing.  However, the years and the weather have not been kind to our dear shed so my husband and my dad ended up tearing it down while my father had a new one built (for the record, this one does NOT look like an adorable red henhouse.  Boo for modern upgrades).  

     However, the craft/antique store near my parents' house took the leftover shed-wood and made these adorable black crows.  Hooray for small town-living (where people 'find out' you tore down your shed) and new-things-out-of-old-things!  

 Love and Christmas is next!

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