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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Small Talk

The weather here has been gorgeous.  We are actually getting "a fall." Some years, it seems as if our weather is in the 70's...and then it is miserable and rainy/sleety for a month...and then it's winter.  The same was true for last spring.  40 degrees....then 6 weeks of rain/sleet...then 90 degrees.  Bah.

Then there are days when I need the heater in the morning and the AC at night.

But this year?

Thanks be to Autumn.

This morning, I asked Tim if he wanted something delicious for breakfast.  I suggested french toast.  He decided on (homemade) breakfast burritos from the freezer.

He is (sometimes) easy to please.  He is a good husband.

And then he sang The Saturday Song.  We are convinced that Scarlett knows exactly what day Saturday is.  The Saturday Song is what keeps her on schedule. She must have a mental calendar of some sorts, lest the days blur together.  It's hard being a dog.

I decided on French toast cause I'm culturally diverse like that.  Bananas and berries included.

I would like to open a restaurant that serves only french toast.  I would call it The French Toastery because adding "ery" to things just makes the food sound that much more delicious, in my opinion.  But then I could only think of like, 3 kinds of french toast.

And then I drank coffee from my favorite mug which looks like this only this picture is old and you can tell because I'm up and dressed in this picture and I'm not up and dressed today because it is 10:30 on a Saturday plus I dyed my hair sort of red which I think I forgot to tell you and it is more sort of brown than it is sort of red in this picture and that's how you can tell it is an old picture. I think.

My mug says, "Hello."

Well, not LITERALLY says, "Hello."

Although that would be cool.  Kind of like The Sorting Hat in Harry Potter.

It is written on the front.  The word, "Hello."

In case you can't tell.  Cause sometimes, it looks like it just says, "Hell."  Which is funny but probably not as cool.

I beat the Adventure Mode on Plants vs. Zombies, and I'm fully aware that's the most exciting news you'll hear all day.  Maybe all week, even.  If you are looking for a good way to waste every spare minute you have at night, plants vs. zombies is it.

We are supposed to bring a dessert to church tomorrow.  I like that our last name is at the end of the alphabet because that means at potlucks, we always end up being asked to make a dessert.  No can of baked beans for us!  I'm thinking salted caramel bars.  What say you?

An entire Saturday, and my only responsibility is to bake something delicious.  A good day in my book.

I am listening to sad music right now.

Sometimes, on sunny days, I like to listen to sad-sounding music.

Noah & The Whale- Old Joy
The Shout Out Louds- Go Sadness
Deathcab for Cutie- Passenger Seat
Over The Rhine- Latter Days

What's your Saturday looking like?


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