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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Something you've probably never seen before

Holy Smokes.

I was looking for something reminiscent of this.

In an attempt to capture that sentiment, I "Google Imaged"the words "animals in a hurry" and came up with this.
Love. it.

In short, we're busy.  Too busy to blog, that's right.

Life is weird right now.  Good, but weird.  There is clean laundry everywhere and no hangers.  I'm living in a house 1/2 full of pumpkins with christmas decorations waiting in the wings.

Tomorrow is the day.  It all gets put in it's proper place.

Fingers crossed.

Today, our kindergarten aid was putting up a snowman bulletin board.  I caught the curve of the orange carrot nose out of the corner of my eye, and said, "For a minute, I thought that was the beak of a turkey!"

Shows how much I know.

Oh, and by the way, stop whatever you're doing right now (cause we all know you're multi-tasking while you're reading this).

Just stop.

And go see the new muppet movie.

At one point, I actually could have cried.

Love and what day is it again?

And if you've seen the snail/motorcycle thing before, I probably owe you a dollar.


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