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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Things You Only Hoped For

     I was still in My Church Outfit.  That is the mark of a busy day when you realize it is 8 o'clock at night, and you are still in your tights and boots and dress.  It is funny- you know- church culture.  When you grow up in The Church, you learn, at a very young age, that you go to church and you eat lunch and then you go home and change your clothes and everyone takes a nap.

Am I right?

So odd was it, that I was still in my church clothes, that one of my friends even made mention of it.

Me. In my church clothes.

We had People over.

That's right.  People.

To watch wrestling.

Meh. Wrestling.

I snuck away for a minute.  The t.v. was loud.  Our voices louder.

People. Wrestling. Church clothes.

I longed for a minute to myself.

And then I remembered 1,000 Sad Things.

Being dateless.  Being house-less.  Moving home after college and feeling Very Alone.

Here I was- with a house full of people and Entirely Too Much Food, and I couldn't help but pull on my Skinny Jeans*, think about this quote and be grateful.

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

With that being said, do you remember how much I hate January?  Today is the last day of January.

 It hasn't been so bad.  Thanks be to El Nino or Global Warming or Whatever Phenomenon has bequeathed us such a Mild Winter.  Today, we saw the low 60's.  Huzzah and whatnot.

Tomorrow is a new month.  Let's celebrate.

How do you feel about the January/February transition?  What's you got to celebrate, hm?

*I never thought I'd get into the whole Skinny Jeans Revolution but my word, are they comfortable.


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