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Sunday, October 21, 2012

And then I planted seeds

     Last summer, (that feels weird to say.  How is it almost November already)?  I bought one of those dollar boxes of wildflower seeds.

Nothing really happened.

I think, if our yard/garden was full of cartoon plants, they would let out a collective "Noooooo!" as soon as they see the school buses coming.

You see, every April, I'm all....



And then school starts.  I get busy, and everything dies.

That's the short story.  Actually, that's the entire story.

With that being said, eventually- something grew in our wildflower patch.  It was weed-like for the entire season, but I refused to believe it.

It had to be something more.

And lo & behold...

it was.

And so it must be said,

I am thankful for our house and our yard and our blessings.

May they all run wild & free.  

Love and what the heck' are those?

Seriously.  If you know- let me know cause I'd love to plant them again.  My best guess is prairie rose....?

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