Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Thousand Square Feet

I'm not sure our kids will ever remember this house.  Truth be told, probably not.  Let's cut to the chase.  This is what I will say about The House in Which we Lived Before They Existed.    

     I will tell them that the bathroom was so small, you practically had to stand in the tub to get the door shut and there were days when I very well may have given my next paycheck for a linen closet or a garage or a basement should the opportunity present itself.  I will tell them that Noel's medicated shampoo made the entire bathroom smell like spearmint gum, and the scent of fresh breath will always remind me of her.

     I will tell them that our dishwasher had wheels and our neighbors grew weed in their greenhouse and we had numerous things stolen throughout our time there.

     And I will tell them that we loved each other very much in that tiny-red-front-door house and that we were crowded at times but the lack of overhead lighting made it easy to create a cozy, soft glow (oh yes, please seed lights).

I will tell them that the thing I remember most about that house is that when we lived there, 
we were happy.