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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I was reading this post from The Polished Pickle the other day, and I was so impressed and proud of Megan and her family's desire to not shop for food on a Sunday.  It just struck a chord in me.  

And I much I use Sunday as an "Extra Saturday."  After church...I grocery shop.  I clean.  I catch up on laundry.  And by around 8pm, I am in the middle of a full-on-panic attack as I can feel the last few minutes of my weekend slipping away.  It is not pretty.  

And it is not Holy.  Quite the opposite, actually.  

So, last Sunday, I was bound & determined to Keep it Holy.  We grocery shopped on Friday night after a Mexican Food Feast.  Tim noted that it is such a good idea to go shopping on a full stomach.  I think it is the FIRST time I have ever shopped with him that HE hasn't added about 10 extra things to the cart. 

I'm really good about not doing that, you guys.  Seriously.  There's a trophy on the mantle.  

So.  There you have it.  I did finish up some extra lesson plans and switched one load of laundry (before church).  

But that's it.  Truth be told, the house is kind of a wreck.  Truth be told, the house is often a wreck.  There's a bike in our living room, for Pete's Sake.  More on that later.  

It just... is what it is, I guess.  But I didn't touch any of it, and I trust in The Lord to Bless it.  

If you haven't tried REALLY resting on The Sabbath, you should.  I'm hoping it's a habit that sticks.  

In other news.  Downton Abbey?  I can't stop.  

Love & Edith is kind of a jerk, 

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