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Monday, September 30, 2013

Influence Conference Update Part 1

  Oh.  Beautiful People.  How are you!??!?!  I really want to know!

     I just returned from The Influence Conference which is organized by the women behind The Influence Network.  It took place in Indianapolis, and I know a lot of you (via Facebook) are curious about it.  I'm going to post an update in two parts, lest this post-size rival War and Peace (1400 pages, anyone?).

     I'm 58% sure that I'm going to miss something so... Influence ladies, feel free to add details in the comments.  :)

     The Influence Conference was founded by a group of six female bloggers who are passionate about Jesus, their families, and helping women connect online.

     The best explanation I heard all weekend was basically this...

I just loved that.  It's just a group of women (over 250) who want to learn how to make much of Jesus on the internet.

Too many cat videos ( I don't believe there is such a thing).  Cyber-bullying.  Privacy/Censorship issues.  The internet has a bad reputation these days, but I believe The Lord wants to redeem it.

The schedule included workshops and sessions of your choosing (that covered both "life" and "strategy" topics) along with an AMAZING worship service on the final night of the conference.

     If you are interested in using your online presence to bring glory to God (whether it is through blogging, Facebook, Instagram, or Etsy), and if you long to bring an element of community to the internet (which is often a lonely and frightening place), I encourage you to research The Influence Network/Conference and prayerfully consider attending next year.  #influenceconf if you want to see what this year was all about!  

     I'll be back with a quick, Part 2 update (Myths I believed prior to going to The Conference plus some practical tips), and tomorrow, starts The Nester's 31 Days.  <<<  That = overwhelming...but in a good way....but also kind of a bad way.  Writing for 31 days!?!?!  I might cry.

Please feel free to email me if you have questions: (or write me on Facebook)!

Also!  My twitter & instagram names have changed.  (theyoungmuseum)  It's all coming together!  If only I could get my dishwasher unloaded.

Links to Influence co-founders:

Hayley @ the tiny twig
Jessi @ naptime diaries
Moriah @ Moriah Makes 
Ashley @ written on her heart
Lindsey @ thekublygirl
Rachael @ kincaidparade 

Links to the session speakers (that I attended, for a full schedule, go here):

Hayley & Jessi both spoke during the Friday & Saturday morning sessions, and did an AMAZING job.

Jeff Goins (Hilarious and Helpful)!
Lara Casey (Brilliant)!
Kate Bryan @ the small things (Pinterest Hair Extraordinaire)!
Kim Davis @ oh sweet joy ( sweet as pie, humble, talented, the list goes on)
Rebecca @ better life bags ( inventive, genuine, talented, etc.)

Reeve Coobs, worship

     The absolute best part was that EVERY speaker has a heart for God and wants to see us pursue the dreams He has for us and make much of Him on the internet.

     Did you see anyone other than the speakers above?  What did you take from the conference (loaded question!)?  What did I miss?

Love, goosebumps, and fist bumps,

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