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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Blog Tember Day 8 - Room Tour

This month, I'm participating in Bailey's Blogtember Challenge.  She asked us to post a room tour.  Today, I'm featuring Ella's room.  

     So...this is my first "room tour" post.  We have black-out curtains in the nursery so Ella can sleep better.  I feel like they made the lighting a bit weird/hard to edit...but at the same time...they're like, "We're BLACK OUT CURTAINS.  What more do you want from us?"  They definitely could use  a good steam iron and some new hooks...but that's pretty low on the priority list, as you can imagine. ;)  

      Ella's room is my favorite room in the house.  I put a ton of work into it...I hope you enjoy it and possibly get some ideas for your own tiny one's room.  We actually spend a lot of time in here, so I'm glad I invested the energy into personalizing it. 

Just FYI...decoration-wise...almost everything is either vintage, handmade by family or came from Michael's or Hobby Lobby.

     The first thing you see when you walk in the room is the crib.  I like that at night, I can crack open the  door just barely and check on our girl.  I also love that her face is the first thing I see when I come get her from a nap!  The gallery wall behind her crib also makes me happy just looking at it.  My dad cut the wooden "Ella" letters for me.  I pretty much made or pieced together everything else.  We found the little bluebird in Tim's grandparents' old barn.  I honestly built the whole theme around that bird...I've held onto it for years! 

All of Ella's bedding came from Babies R Us.  You can find it online here.  Cocker Spaniel not included.  

This is my favorite little nook.  It's so cozy, and we spend a lot of time here. The cart and lamp are from IKEA.  I covered the lamp myself with fabric from Hobby Lobby.  The chair was given to us, second hand from a sweet friend.  I love that she rocked her babies in it, and now I'm rocking mine.

I framed pictures from a vintage children's book and used scrapbook paper as a background.  The frames are from Hobby Lobby.

Changing Table-  We bought the dresser from an unfinished furniture place.  Tim stained it all for Ella, and it's perfect.  The drawers hold her current clothes, diapers, and her clothes for the following season.  The bottom drawer has extra or "overflow" items like hand sanitizer and all the "baby proofing" items we're slowly starting to use (outlet covers, cabinet locks, etc.).

     The striped basket is from Target.  Inside, I have diapers, sanitizer, rash cream, the nose frita, and a forehead thermometer.     Someone gave us the bird statue as a wedding gift, which I think is really sweet.   

The rocking horse belonged to Tim's mom when she was a child.  About 3/4 of the animals were mine when I was little.  A couple of them were gifts.  The rest are from IKEA or jellycat.  Tim won her the little, green monster at a festival down the street over the summer.  So sweet. This is my view whenever I am rocking her in the chair (opposite wall).  It's nice to put my feet up and see all her animal friends.  

The rack is just a plant holder we found at Lowe's and spray painted white. As Ella gets older, we'll have to make them more accessible, but for right now, keeping them out of Scarlett's mouth has been the key.  With the help of my mother in law, I made the bird garland from a digital file I found on Etsy. 

     As a former teacher, I needed a place to store all my old children's books.  Thanks for loaning me some shelf space, Ella.  Her "piggy bank" is just a mason jar covered with a chalkboard label sticker.  The little squirrel belonged to Tim's family.  It sat on top of the fridge in his first apartment.  We've long since misplaced the acorns that go with it.  The little, green T came from Tim's room when he was small.

     My mother in law painted this gorgeous piece per my request.  She did a fantastic job, and I love that it will grow with Ella.  I could still see this in her room, even as a teenager.  The dollhouse was built by my dad, and I played in it when i was little. It has made great storage for her headbands, blankets, and little finger puppets.  She loves digging through the baskets and looking at all her "treasures." He made her "name train" as well.  Last, every girl needs a framed photo of her dogs.  ;) ((Also...I love having the touch-light up there so I can see her quickly when I want to obsess over if she's breathing at night. You understand. )) 

I made a collage of items similar to what's in Ella's nursery. How cute is that bluebird pitcher?  And...I think I just found the bedding if our next baby is a girl. Ha.

Bluebird Creamer     Picture Frame     Basket     Bedding     Vintage Birdhouse      Vintage Bird Book 

Love, a hammer and nails,

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