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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blog-Tember: The Year in Five Pictures

Today, as part of Bailey's Blogtember Challenge, I'm posting Five pictures that illustrate my life so far this year.  This was a fun, little project, but it was so hard to pick just five! 

     This one has no particular "significance" other than it has Noel in it, and I feel like she doesn't make the blog nearly as much as Scarlett does. This one reminds me so much of "mom life."  Ella and I took Noel to the vet a few months ago (just getting a second opinion on a 'cough' she's developed) of many, many errands I've run with a baby this year.  It complicates things sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  

     Oh boy.  We've tackled a lot of house projects this year (rather TIM has).  He built a gorgeous mantle for our living room to replace our wood stove.  (I'll have to post more recent pictures later).  He also put down new bathroom tile and did some serious work on our house's exterior.  No rest for the weary!

  I snapped this one on the way home from my birthday dinner in April. 
 I would follow these two anywhere.  

Whoa, man.  Sleep Regression?  Teething?  For a few weeks (months?), Ella quit sleeping through the night.  It was pretty hairy there for a while, but we survived.

So...I have a toddler now, guys.  She is very uh...should we say..."hands on?"  Haha...Ella Young, Carry us out!  

Love and does dirt count as "iron"?

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Laura Darling said...

What a great year! I'll admit, the potted plant dirt picture made me laugh! :) Although I'm sure it wasn't super funny in the moment!