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About This Blog

    First and foremost, Welcome to Cartwheels Down The Hall!

     I hope you find this blog is a place that inspires cartwheels in your own life.  I  also hope we can create a community here, together. 

     I've been blogging for about 10 years (10 years)!  Sometime after we got married, I switched from xanga to blogger and wrote sporadically, at best.  I enjoyed it, but blogging wasn't something I was ever super committed to or very serious about.
      For most of 2013, I spent a lot of time sitting on the floor of our hallway crying to my husband while he showered...mostly about the same things.  

     For one,  it was becoming increasingly obvious that The Lord no longer wanted me at my current job.  My heart wasn't at peace.  I wasn't functioning at my best.  I was very, very sad, and just couldn't shake it.  

     One of the most prominent thoughts during this time was that I wanted a life that inspired cartwheels down the hall instead of tears.  

     After making some hard choices and intentional changes, I started started to slowly get un-sad.  I started dreaming about what might be ahead.  The wheels were turning, and I was excited about the idea of blogging and starting a handmade business. I had ideas, but I wanted the process to be right and intentional and good. (Read: SLOW). ;)  

     I made a list of prayers/ambitions for The Shop/Blog. I rallied the troops.  I sent emails.  I cried on the phone to my mom.  And finally...

 I re-launched on my 32nd birthday, and here we are! 

     Recently, I read a discussion about the possibility of other social media platforms taking the place of blogging.  Seeing as how I am  only 10 days (currently) into a re-launch, I desperately hope this isn't the case. ;)  

You can read my first post (after the re-brand) here.

***Also, it must be noted, I went to The Influence Conference in 2013 and it changed my life.


      If you are looking for a group of Godly women to support you in your online endeavors, you need to check out The Influence Network.  It seriously makes me gush like a crazy person.  So much love.  Seriously, it's embarrassing.  


Unknown said...

I had no idea you blogged! I'm happy you posted about it on FB :) I'm also glad you shared about the Influence Network! This sounds awesome!! I'm going to take a look at it :D

Holly said...

YES! DO IT! You will love it! Thanks for taking the time to reach out, friend! :)