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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Something to Consider

The noise of the hammers was loud, yet somehow, they managed to chat in a way that seemed quiet. faint. Hushed, even.   

She asked about his dreams.  She said she knew, if given the chance, that he would work with his hands for a living- that he would build things.  Beautiful instruments made with love and wood, strings and passion.  

She asked what he thought she would do.  

She asked him about her dream.  

She was testing him.  

"What would he say?" She wondered.  

She wanted, so desperately, for him to know the answer-  for him to know and not have to pause or hesitate or guess.   

Without a moment's hesitation, over the noise of the hammers and the bending of the wood he said, 

"Well, you would write, of course." 

And she smiled.  

For in that moment, she knew that as far as husbands are concerned, she had chosen wisely.