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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Songs about Home

     I can remember living with my parents and being left home alone (at a completely appropriate age), and just feeling weird.  Lonely, maybe?  A Little freaked out? I dunno.  

But tonight, Tim is at Paul's puttering around with guitars, and I am here doing laundry and grading papers

I am here contemplating making coffee and playing on the internet.  

     And I don't feel weird.  I just feel like I home.  Alone.  

I can also remember wondering what it would be like to be homesick for somewhere else other than my parents' house.  

Somewhere else.  

And when I leave here, I miss it.  

Which is a good thing, I guess.  

     This weekend, we are planting our garden.  There are 5 days of school left. Our entire weekend is booked.  Two out of three evenings include plans in which I will see this sweet face. 

Sometimes, things get so good that I find myself asking, "OKAY GOD WHEN IS THE OTHER SHOE GOING TO DROP?"

Like, I am looking for the ying to my yang.  As if there is always an inevitable balance of good vs. bad.  

Well. I have to quit doing that.  I have to stop.  

God is not a mathematician.  Last time I checked, he does not function in patterns.  I think in some ways, he is a God of chance.  

And we've learned by now that we always find what we are looking for.  So, love and no more bad habits.  H.  

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carmen @ life blessons said...

Ah, so cute! Love all the photos, Holly. You always are good at that! Tell Ms. Heather I said Hi. :)