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Monday, September 6, 2010

For you, a list (part 2)

     In honor of Monday/Labor Day, I give you an updated version of my to-do list.  I wanted to have everything finished by this weekend.  Don't laugh.  I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished thus far, and I LOVE this newly adopted "to do list" system!!!  Maybe later I'll revise some things and publish The Biggest Fattest Mostest Things I've Accomplished List Ever (I'm still working on the title).  

At this rate, by next Wednesday, I'll have a cure for cancer.  

Grade Math Assessment 10.8   
laminate a few things I've been putting off
Hang 20 "word wall" words        (58 hung, thank you!)
iron/hem curtain that goes in classroom door/window

Double-check due date of student loan
Go to the bank
Send necessary emails
look up some new recipes/start grocery list for upcoming week

dust living room/dining room
unload dishwasher 

More later, I promise.  

1 comment:

Miss Innocent said...

please follow me back.

lol kidding! hahahahahahahha

im bad with to do lists... whether i blog or not blog about it. ... specific goals are great. but im not so great in following them.

even if i try so hard. i still do it depending on my physiological capability. i.e. if im lazy or not :)