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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Baby Takes the Morning Train

     Well, I've said it once, and I'll say it again.  I have fallen in love with this city.  It has some incredibly unique and historic little boroughs.  A miniature New York, if you will.   Last night, we ventured out to a burger joint called Terry's Turf Club.  Our house is sandwiched right in between The City and my school district waaayyy out in the country.  It leaves me with a 45-50 minute commute.  
     However,  I am unendingly glad our living conditions make it possible for us to explore the little nooks and crannies of possibility* this city has to offer.  If and when we ever move, we need to start a Family Tradition that involves us making the hour long drive from our tiny farm town back to the city.  
Basically, we love it here.  

My days span the width of nearly two counties (three on days like yesterday).   There is traffic.  There is crummy weather.  There are bad drivers.  Yesterday, it took me an hour.  But nights like last night make it so worth it.  

Can you see the cute little movie theater seats outside?  

It was noisy.  It was hot. It was crowded.

And it was a beautiful night out.   

Love and extra pickles, 

P.S. *It took me three tries to spell possibility. 

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Randa said...

That place looks so cool! And that burger? Looks delicious, no doubt. Mmmm . . . now I'm hungry again.

jt said...

The title of this post made me laugh because I saw it performed by a drag queen once. Yes, it was the most random/weird drag performance ever.

carmen @ life blessons said...

Where is that place? I've never heard of it. It reminds me of the little burger joint down in Mt. Lookout Square that looks like the inside of a train station!

Kate Weber said...

You are officially adorable. I have said it. It must be true. ;) Love the post!

cailen ascher said...

your town looks so cute! i can see why you love it : )