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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blessed are the feet that bring good news

 Friends.  Bloggers.  Countrymen (women?).

I am proud to announce that Yours Truly is now accepting guest post submissions.  I'm really excited about this new venture, and I can't wait to see what comes of it.

The theme is, "Good News."  Go ahead and get creative.  Tell us your new favorite recipe (i.e. Good News: The Garlic & Herb cous cous* was a hit!)  or just something new you've learned along the way.

Please do try to keep it "family friendly" or I will wash out your mouth with soap.  Don't think I won't.

Include a photo or 2...or 3 if you like!

For the love of Pete, please use spell check/watch yo' grammar.  Unless you think I might think it's funny.  Then anything goes.  Cause you know, this is all about me, right?  I'm kidding.  This is about you and how awesome you are with your adorably-adorable good news.

Can't wait!

Here's my good news.

Tim's third eye/double nose implant/mouth reduction
 was a rousing success!  
Thank goodness for modern medicine! 
If you're still interested in submitting even after I gave that ridiculous example, please email me at:

holls_y [at] hotmail {dot} com

Love and I'm ready whenever you are,

*the auto correct turned "cous cous" into "cows cows."  How much do you love that?


carmen @ life blessons said...

I love that verse :) Looking forward to all the fun posts to come!! I'm still thinking about what to write... Will let you know!

Holly said...

Carmen- that's GREAT! I don't really have a "deadline" per se! I will pretty much post them as often as I get them but will probably "change directions" around the end of November! You're welcome to email me something if you'd like! Hooray! :)