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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Completely Intertwined (a guest post)

This guest poster is one of my best pals.  Her strength and amazing outlook encourage and inspire me.  
I started to put things in bold/italics to emphasize some of the great points in her piece...and then I wanted to put EVERYTHING in bold/italics.  It's that good.  

Thank you dear friend o' mine.  A thousand times, thank you.

"Good News"
      I  have found that good news, along with many things, is defined differently with the ebbs and flows of life.  Things that are good news to me in my current stage of life...I'm gonna define that as the things worthy of telling someone else...are things that I wouldn't have given a second thought, or even considered something negative, not that long ago.  But I am reminded daily that no matter how bad the circumstances are, there are pieces of "good news" in every day - you have to just change your perspective.
      Currently, my marriage is a complete and utter mess, with me doing everything possible to save it and not getting much back in return.  Here's a few tidbits of good news that I've had in the past few weeks - remember, this is stuff I've actually been excited to call and tell someone.

1.  My husband let me touch his leg in church.
2.  He's actually answered my phone call today.
3.  He entered our house, sat down, and stayed for 5 minutes.(My husband moved out in May.)
4.  The divorce papers he told me I'd be receiving today didn't come.

     Now, some of you who read this probably are thinking how sad all of that is.  And, let me tell ya, I could easily think that too.  But I make a conscious choice on a daily basis to change my perspective.  And let me tell ya, those four things listed above were all pieces of good news, things I celebrated.  I have to say, I am not always a cup half full kinda gal.  But I'm learning with God's help, that although that might not be my natural tendency, it doesn't mean I can't choose to be that way.  It is so much easier to wallow in your sadness and give yourself a million "woe is me's".  And ya know what, sometimes life just other way about it.  Trust me, I have lived some of that since May.  

     Honestly, though, I can tell ya, life is 100% easier when you choose to look for the good news in your own circumstances.  So if you are low in "good news," change your perspective on your life circumstances and try again.  The good news is in there,  I promise.  

     This might sound super cliche, but to be truly happy, healthy, and whole, you, with God's help, have to be positive and at peace with life's circumstances.  I don't mean that in a way where you don't want there to be changes, because trust me, I want my circumstance to change more than anything and I pray for that continuously.  I have found that hope and trust are completely intertwined.  The more I trust God to move, the more hope I have.  And we have to remember that God always moves...not always (or ever) when we want, but He never fails to be right where we are right when we need Him.  


This guest post is part of a series here at Yours Truly, H.  The theme is Good News.  Please email me at holls_y {at} hotmail(dot)com if you'd like to participate!

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