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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The one about kettle corn

Yesterday, we spent all day at a craft show in my home town.  It was super fun and for the most part, the weather was great.  While we were there, my mom bought me this HUGE BAG OF KETTLE CORN.

It was so huge that I may or may not have actually cradled it like a baby and rested my head on it and contemplated using it as a body pillow.

Now I can't stop eating it.

And neither can Noel.

Love and in-need-of-an-intervention,


jordyn said...

we have the same huge bags of kettle corn at the craft show we do. it's so good but so bad because you literally cannot stop eating it. and then you kind of want to keel over and die. and then you eat more the next day.

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