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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lie # 4,692

Sometimes, Satan tells me that in this season- 
everyone else is getting birthday cake, and I am getting broccoli.  

Tim has lost 18 pounds since January...

and wasn't even trying. 

I was walking out of the gym last night and That Calm Distinct Voice reminded me that 

Jesus has to be enough.  

Even if... 

everyone of my friends has chubby, red-headed babies and quits their jobs to stay home. 

everyone else's husbands get promotions. 

everyday, for the rest of my life, broccoli is the only thing on the menu. 

And 1,000 other silly-nonsense things.  

No matter what- the fact that thousands of years ago, a dirty, rebellious carpenter fell hopelessly, unconditionally in love with me and died as part of my rescue- 

That has to be enough. 

And it is.  

Love and I really do like broccoli, 


Kelsey said...

That is 100% the best outlook I can think of. Well said.

Lorraine said...


I laugh because it's so true, that feeling of broccoli/cake. And it seems silly, but when you start believing it, it can do damage.

It's okay girl.
Plenty of us are eating broccoli. :)