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Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'm Right About This One

 Dear Future Maybe Daughter,

     I pray that when the time comes, you will marry a boy who brings a pen.

Bank meetings. Financial Planning.  Lease-signings.  Car loans.

I pray he brings his pen and a working knowledge of business and finances.

IRA's.  Escrow.  Interest Rates.

     Not because I'm not all for women's rights or paving YOUR OWN way or women becoming financially independent.

(Thank you Susan B. Anthony)

     It just lets you rest.  When school has started and you wore The Wrong Shoes and you get a blister on your thumb from sharpening pencils.  

His pen and his knowledge lets you sit quietly and eat your apple (and 1/2 of his Panera cookie).

It just lets you rest.

Love and I'm right about this one,
H.   Mom




Robin Merrill said...

Love it! ;)

Robin Merrill said...

P.S. You might want to disable the human verification feature. It just took me four tries to prove that I'm not a robot. :/

Holly said...

GAH! I didn't know it was on! I HATE THOSE THINGS Thanks for taking the extra effort to let me know! :)