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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Post About Nothing #816

This Guy.

Has a Secret.

There's lip gloss in that there owl.  Hooray for impulse buys.

     Also, Tim found my earring under the couch.  It has been gone for a looong time.  Reunited & it feels so good. There was hugging.  And possibly some crying.  Tears of Joy, I tell you.  Tears of joy.

     In other news, I think this is how I would like to wake up in heaven.  Smelling warm, dog food breath. Ok. Maybe not...but isn't that what this picture looks like?  The white light.

I can just picture myself, waking up with a headache and these too ya-hoo's being like,

"Welcome to heaven.  Get up.  We're hungry. And also, (as you can see in the bottom left corner of the picture) we got in the trash. Yes. There is garbage in heaven because this is our heaven too, and we worship God by digging in the trash."

 I actually really hope that's how it works out.  :)

 So, this was a post about nothing.

Love, and if they ever invent time travel, I owe you five minutes,



k8te said...

lip gloss in an owl! so cute! :)

Holly said...

YES! Total impulse buy via Bed Bath & Beyond! :)