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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weekend Update #912

Tim & I have been eating a lot of Sushi lately. If you want to call several times in one month "a lot."  Something about Sushi, (Dancing Wasabi in particular) makes me feel very everything in the world is okay.  Like we really are living up to our no-kids-yet potential.

So, that was Friday (and some old photos thrown in there, too).

Saturday, we went to Heather, Dan's (and Lucy's).  Heather & I sat on the playroom floor, solving The World's Problems and sorting through dress-up clothes.


Everyone needs their own Heather Marie.  If you don't have one.  You need to get one.  But you can't have mine.  I call dibs.   This is what it looks like to call dibs.  I am the tiny one with no muscle control yet.

Sunday was a blur, as most Sunday's usually are and Monday brought us to a three day weekend.

Oh.  Three Day Weekends of the world, we salute you (and Dr. King).

Monday, to say the least- was refreshing.

I love that my lifestyle right now allows me to see ^^^^ all that ^^^^

and then this- in the same weekend.


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