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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This Entire Couch

Tonight, I had every intention of Using My Time Wisely.  I was going to blog.  That's right.

Wisdom.  Insight.  Instagram photos. 

You heard me.

And then, Tim sheepishly (read: adorably) asked...

What are you doing tonight? 

This is such a loaded question because the answer is always going to be "Nothing."  if I think it's going to result in something more fun.  So. In all my brilliance, such was my answer.

To which he replied.  In short.

I have to go out and get firewood.  I'll come back with a movie. 

It was like, maybe he read my mind.

And so then I just cancelled any plan anyone could ever even imagine for the next 3 hours.

And it occurred to me that in a dire emergency, everything I really truly need fits right on this here couch.

So.  That's it for tonight.

Sorry blog. didn't win.

You'll live.


Kat said...

One of my favorite posts. So much love, what I want my marriage to be like.

Lorraine said...

There are so many times when the blog shouldn't win. You got it right. :)

Holly said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies! Kat...The Lord supplies. :)