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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tom + Chee, could you call this a Restaurant Review?

     Every year, my friend Courtney comes to visit from Kansas.  This year, I had the chance to sneak away to a yet-to-be-discovered part of town.  Per her recommendation, we ate at a cute little place called Tom  + Chee.  Bringing fame to this side of the Ohio River, Tom + Chee is a "gourmet grilled cheese" joint that actually started in a little tent on Fountain Square and expanded after having been featured on the show Shark Tank (one of Courtney's favorites)!

Or did they expand first and then become famous?  Answers please, Courtney! 

If I tell you that this place was "the bomb,"  will you still continue reading?

Probably?  Ok.

This place was the bomb!  ;)

     I ordered the Pep. & Chee (pepperoni, tomato sauce, and cheese on sourdough) and a cup of cheeseburger soup. It was fantastic. However, I do wish I would have ordered a tomato-based soup so I could dip my sandwich in it (rookie mistake, we'll get em' next time)!

We also split a grilled cheese donut. That's right. A donut. It looked like this...

(That's right.  I took that wonderful, oddly-colored photo).  

and it was super delicious, and it's okay if you don't believe me because that just means more for us.

Yum. Yum. Double Yum. I would totally eat here again.

 This is Courtney with Corey Ward, one of the restaurant's founders! (and super nice guy)! 

I just love finding new little joints, and supporting local businesses.

Love and where to next?


Special thanks to my BFF  for letting me steal some of her iphone photos...
Oh the technology we have at our hands these days!  


Jamie LaFuze said...

I'm just salivating over that sandwich! And my husband is a big fan of Shark Tank :)

Holly said...

Yes! It was so good! For the longest time, I thought Shark Tank was one of those "Extreme Home" shows where people come in and put really elaborate fish tanks in people's houses. Ha...isn't there a show like that for real? I'll have to brush up on my reality t.v.! Thanks for stopping by, Jamie!

Erin LFF said...

Tom & Chee is AWESOME! A coworker and I went to lunch there a few months ago, I LOVE IT!