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Friday, August 23, 2013

A Summer Re-cap of Sorts

With the end of summer quickly approaching, I wanted to do a quick summary of two trips we took that have yet to make it onto the blog!  Hooray and stuff! 

Hilton Head with Tim's Family 

Highlights //Dolphin Cruise// Baking with The Kids// A visit to Savannah Georgia// 

Indiana Beach with My Family 

Highlights  //Riding The Sky Lift with my dad//  funnel cakes //visiting the park at night
//watching Lucy ride rides//

    In some ways, it feels like we travelled a lot this summer, but in other ways, those trips feel like they happened a long time ago.

Thankful for this little space to document all the bits & pieces as they land.

What happened this summer that you haven't had the chance to share?


H. T. S. & N.

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