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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Some Links for You

I've got a few links for you today.  Free of charge because you are just that adorable!  ;)

And because I can't seem to do anything these days without the use of alliteration, I've got something for the home, head, heart, health, and your happiness.

How fun is that?

Here we go!

Home:  Apartment Therapy posted this question about adding color through the use of curtains.

Head:  This is an article about how the city of Columbia (South Carolina) plans to address the issue of homelessness.  Still on the fence about this.

Heart:  The tiny twig posted this great piece about moving out of "The Newlywed Phase" of marriage.  Five years in, and we'll still take all the help we can get.  ;)

Health:  Twelve Healthy Benefits of Zumba (Ole'!)

Happiness:  I thought it would only be appropriate to end with a "dog adoption success story."  Here's one from Petfinder's, "A Happy Tail" section.


Love and take care of each other,

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