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Friday, January 1, 2010


"Hello." There is no better way to put it. I have been contemplating "moving" for a long time. My previous "home" was xanga, and it suited me just fine for a LONG time (six or seven years, I think)? However, with A Whole New World of blog sites before me, I started to feel as if xanga was becoming Myspace Part II. Lots of ads. Lots of bells and whistles. I think xanga was the equivalent to living in the heart of a city. It was noisy and fast-paced. Something about it was ALWAYS changing. It overwhelmed me.

I think this is a house. I need a house. Simple. Quiet.

I was scared to move....for a long time and for a lot of different reasons. Let's face it, change is hard. I fashioned a little header in an attempt to take, "baby steps" and clicked, "Preview." The image came up and I thought, "Ah...the chocolate brown...the warm colors...

I'm home."

More later. Much, much more later. :) I hope you feel as welcome as I do.

Love, H.


carmen @ life blessons said...

Aw, Holly this is so PRETTY! I love it :) Yippee for changes. And I love YOU!

jt said...

Welcome! :)

Elisa said...

I stumbled into your blog by hitting "Next Blog", your picture caught my attention. Lovely.
Hope to come back for more reading!