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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our Love is Here to Stay.

I have started thinking a lot about what I want in a blog. You don't spend hours upon hours updating something without thinking about exactly what you want it to be.

I want it to be super-cozy. I want it to be a place you can come and sit down and have tea and know that someone else has had crummy days before or fallen in love when they thought it was Too Impossible or has a tendency to enjoy their dogs more than they love most humans or whatever. I want you to leave saying, "Dear Goodness, I also love saltines & avocados!" or " Someone ELSE thinks MileyCyrus talks weird, too!?!?!" (It is something about the way she says her s's. No one else seems to hear it.)

I think one of the most powerful things in life happens when you encounter someone who can look at youand say, "I have totally been there before....and you're going to be alright."

It does not need to be a place where I try too hard to be 'cool.' Come on, I know myself well enough to admit that I am tempted to get on here and talk about annoyingly pretentious things like the difference between Philip Pullman and C.S. Lewis or how ticked I am that I can't always tell the difference between Postal Service & Deathcab...and now you give me Owl City!?!?! In an attempt to name this here sight, I was looking up synonyms for the word "awakening" for Pete's Sake.It needs to be a place of truth and honesty...cause anything else is just kind of stupid. So, here's to us.

In other news...I got A Little Crafty and I'm actually quite proud of my handiwork. I fell in love with a piece of wall art from Urban Outfitters but couldn't bring myself to pay the price. I also didn't really feel like it
was a good fit for our place. The print was too modern, the colors weren't right.
So, after hitting three separate craft stores and wasting nearly an entire afternoon (I thought My Husband would file a Missing Person's Report), this is what I came up with.

The alignment looks SO much better in person but still needs a bit of tweaking, AND it looks much more finished WITH the glass (darn glare!) but for goodness sake, it took me long enough to put it was HIGH TIME to get it posted! What projects have you finished lately? What are you hoping to finish now that some of us are (almost) snowed in? Do share!

You are welcome here. Please do come in.

Love, H.


Amanda said...

I haven't really heard Miley do much talking (which is probably something I should be thankful for) but I have always thought that she is the most awkwardly lanky looking girl I have ever seen.

carmen @ life blessons said...

Your art project came out SO cute! Congrats! Now when you show it off, you get to use one of my favorite phrases, "Thanks, I made it!!" :)

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

Hmmm..I know I've left you a comment here before but I don't see it...

I love this idea. It turned out great! Worth an afternoon wandering around the craft store.

Thanks so much for linking up to "Make It Yours" day.