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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Here Goes Nothing

I am desperately trying to post more often (if you haven't noticed).  It is hard, but it is good (as I'm finding almost all things in life usually are).  I am the kind of person who needs to sit on things for a couple of days.  Anything else just seems forced.  But, here we are, click-clacking away, anyway.  

So, I's the scoop, the dish, the tiny list of things I'll let you in on...

Honestly?  I am having kind of a hard time on here.  I can't seem to get settled on blogger, and I'm afraid it shows.  It just doesn't quite feel like home, yet.  I remember feeling that way about Facebook, and now here we are, a year or so later and I Just Can't Quit.  I am hoping that, like FB, spending more time posting will help ease those anxieties (hence a random Saturday post).  

Today, I stumbled upon a headline that read, "Octomom in a bikini,"  and yes...I clicked.  Lay off, she looks good, okay?  And they're right....inquiring minds DO want to know.  

I keep hearing all this nonsense about Leno vs. Conan but am too lazy to find out what's going on.  I just can't bring myself to "google."  

I love walking by Beezus's cage and hearing him crunching in his little nest.  It feels like our house has this whole other little mouse-y world going on inside there is something important going on that we respect, but will never be able to fully understand.  

Mouse's Orange Slice, Paige Keiser

I have been thinking a lot about Nashville and California, and D.C. lately, which is weird.  More on that later, maybe?  (p.s. we're NOT moving).  

I was totally-otally AGAINST owning a snuggie until my dad bought me one for Christmas. It is a large, soft, warm, animal-print blanket of wonderful goodness.  However, it is terrible for productivity.  You don't even have to get dressed.  I am currently wearing a tank top and undies under mine (as if you wanted to know). The Snuggie now falls under the same category as "The Glitten" (i.e. Things I Doubted but and Now Completely Dependent Upon)  I fully intend on staying this way until noon or so (after watching 2 episodes of 30 Rock and eating some cinnamon toast).  Then, cleaning and schoolwork...?  A MUST!!!!!!  

Sadly, I think this is it.  Have a good day. Do something fun, and think of me, kiddos. :)  As always-always-always-thanks for reading.  

Love, H. 


carmen @ life blessons said...

Hahaha! This post totally made me laugh out loud. Love that you're rockin' a snuggie. I only knew they made them for animals (my mom bought one for Shaggy). I bet you look like a rock star!

P.S. What's up with Nashville? Think "Atlanta" instead!! (It's warmer!)

jt said...

blogging is weird. it's totally self-serving and yet you do it for the intention that SOMEONE might read it, right? well, my thought it - document it all. i have blogs going way back to '05 and journals from even further back and now - that i have distance and time - i realize what my life was like. document it all. i can completely relate to the desire for privacy (vs secrecy), but at the same time, know that people - or at least me - am completely captivated and inspired by your words. the thing about these blogs is that there's no pressure to offer up pure genius, but just pure honesty and for other people to relate.

Holly said...

Carmen...I on the other hand, had no idea they made snuggies for dogs!?!?!?! How great! :) I know two furry miracles in need of some snuggage! :) (snuggage?)

Justin- Thank you Thank you Thank you. I feel all this pressure lately....more readers, more interesting material, try try try. Where is the grace? The honesty? Thank you for bringing me back to the truth of it all. And as always, thanks for reading! :)