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Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is love.

This is a picture of my life Right. Now. While the picture itself is no where near perfect in quality, it is an honest photo and, in my opinion, a good one, nonetheless.

Me and the dog. :) This crazy dog and I are attached at the hip. It's ridiculous. Really. While I love Noel (Tim's older dog whom I also "married), she is very cat-like. She is sweet and protective, but tends to sleep...A LOT. She's very, "I love you and all, but if I don't get my 19 and 1/2 hours in, I'm just no good for the whole rest of the day."

Scarlett? Scarlett loves life. She wakes up ready to hit the ground running. Tail wagging, tongue going, as if to say, "TODAY IS FRIDAY AND IT WILL BE THE BEST FRIDAY EVER."

She is an inspiration. Silly, but true.

In other, perhaps less lame news, we are going to Hawaii.

That's right. The Aloha State. Me and My Guy on a cruise.


This trip has seemed like a long time coming. Five or six years in the making, actually, but that's a story for another day.

I have prayed about it a lot (mostly about the financial aspect), and felt guilty at first. Let's face it...God is not Santa. It is not his job to climb down my chimney and leave two round trip tickets in my stocking. It.just.doesn' And that's okay. Because I know this trip will be good for our marriage (as almost all exploring is), the short amount of time we will spend in California will enable us to (hopefully) see some family and good-good friends. Our intentions are pure. Our finances are stable. Our hula skirts are packed. We're pretty happy. Okay, extremely happy.

There is just oh-so-much-more to say but not nearly enough time or energy to say it. This blogging is serious stuff. Have to keep up, right?

Some things to look forward to: my weight loss adventures and a story about The Love of My Life.



Amanda said...

Scarlett sounds very much like a ferret. Well actually, I guess a ferret has all of Scarlett's enthusiasm plus all of Noel's sleeping patterns.


carmen @ life blessons said...

I for one think it's great that you guys are going to Hawaii. I totally understand the whole part about trying to figure it out financially, but I do think it's important to "enjoy" your money. Besides, it's definitely an investment into your marriage! (Although I'm still crossing my fingers for God-as-Santa to come through with a trip to Greece...clinging to that whole "You do not have because you do not ask" thing ;) J/K!)